Armando Orzuza Argentine Tango Dancer, Master Teacher & Choreographer

Armando was born in “La Boca”, a suburb of Buenos Aires, known as the birth place of the Tango. His first professional contact with the Tango was at the age of fourteen, as a sound technician for a “tangueria” (Tango dance hall) in Buenos Aires. This enriching experience surrounded him with the foremost dancers, singers and orchestras of the Tango world. Ten years later, he began to study the Tango himself. Armando learned to dance from the original “milongueros” and began his professional career in 1990, after meeting Daniela Arcuri. Armando have had numerous guest appearances. As dancer, he performed in the theatre production of “Tango Pasion”; and in the promotion of the album “Tango” by Julio Iglesias.

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As dance consultant and choreographer, he worked in Alan Parker’s movie “Evita”, and in the 2004 tour of Madonna’s “Re-invention” show. He has performed and taught the tango at festivals, events, cultural organizations, embassies, consulates, schools, and theaters, throughout Europe, South America and the United States. Armando also appeared in the movie “Assassination Tango”, directed by Robert Duval, as principal dancer with the actress Luciana Pedraza. He currently teaches and performs with Nuria Martinez internationally. REVIEWS “Armando Orzuza moves with ambling urgency and SILKY SMOOTHNESS.” Tango Pasion, Broadway – Anna Kisselgoff. The New York Times “The male dancers were particularly good…above all, Armando Orzuza deserves special mention.” Tango Pasion, Broadway – The New York Post Last update December, 2007 shapeimage_1_link_0